About Tami Jayne


MARCH, 2017

All Things Tami

Tami Jayne is a graduate of Grand Valley State University and enjoys life in West Michigan.  She loves to knit, garden, write and watch sports; especially hockey, football and baseball.  And curling.  Yes, she even watches curling.

She has three small panthers.  Actually, they’re common house cats, but don’t tell them that.  Tami will always be one cat shy of the Crazy Cat Lady – even if she has 72.

“Never trust a beer you can see through.”

Mmmmm Beer.  Tami is a Certified Beer Snob, passing her first level or Cicerone Training in 2014.  If you ask her what her favorite beer is, she’ll tell you, “Never trust a beer you can see through.”

Becoming Unmarried is Tami’s first book.  What started out as a journal project in therapy, turned into an entire book following her divorce journey.  It’s part memoir and part survival guide and laced heavily with humor; as laughter is about the only thing that kept her from losing her mind as she came to terms with being “suddenly single.”


A Little Tact, Please

Hey, we all disagree from time to time. But since this is my little universe, I reserve the right to remove comments that are mean-spirited or contain verbal violence. Divorce discussion can get passionate and that’s okay. But let’s keep it classy and help one another instead of hurting each other.