Your Guide to Navigating Divorce
with Grace and Humor



What's New? 20 April, 2018 All Things Tami Divorce Insights Just over a year after my ex-husband left, I had the first milestone event with my former family. It was my nephew’s wedding. It would be a huge understatement if I told you seeing some of the family that day...

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Dem Bones, Dem Bones 13 April, 2018 All Things Tami Divorce Insights If you were married a long time and close to your ex’s family and friends, chances are you got to be pretty familiar with closets full of skeletons - all those carefully hidden secrets no one wanted...

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Let's Do This! 30 March, 2018 All Things Tami The Next Chapter Divorce Insights It's time to sharpen our pencils and start the next chapter... For me, that means moving from writing about my divorce journey & post divorce life to expanding into fiction and poetry....

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“The Only Way to Move is Forward”
– Mom

After 20 years of marriage, I found myself blindsided and facing divorce.

Dazed and confused, I stumbled in the dark – trying to figure out a way to survive. In sheer desperation, and to make sure I didn’t do something I might regret later, I started a journal project that morphed into a book – Becoming Unmarried.

From navigating the actual legal process to finding new ways to cope with being a “suddenly single” woman, I’ll take you along on my emotional roller coaster ride and offer a look into dealing with the ins and outs of divorce.

This Book is Your Essential Guide for Navigating Divorce’s Challenges …

The Legal Process

Divorce lawyers, paperwork, and financials are a part of your new reality.

Taking Care of Yourself

How I developed new interests to keep my spirit strong when it felt like half of me was missing.

Your New Normal

How I transformed my situation to create a new life that was right for me.

Protecting Yourself

What to keep in mind as you negotiate and communicate with your soon-to-be Ex.

Family Matters

How I carefully unraveled ties with his family and preserved a few cherished relationships.

Creating My Own Closure

How to move on, even when you know you’ll never get an “I’m sorry.”

Tami stood by me during my divorce, and listened when I needed it the most.  She has overcome so many obstacles in the past few years, and these challenges shaped her into the inspiration she is today.


If it wasn’t for Tami, life’s journey wouldn’t be as much fun!  The support, wisdom, and hours of listening she gave me through my divorce were the life raft I needed. If anyone can help you through this, it’s Tami.


Divorce is hard.  No doubt about it.  Tami and I helped each other through our divorces, now she can help you get through yours with the great tips in her book!


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