Rules of the Game


MARCH, 2017

All Things Tami

Pssst.  I’ve never run a website before.  We’ll learn how this all works together, but there will be some rules.

Email:  There are several ways on the website to send an email to our team. I plan to read every one of them, until I get famous enough to not have to deal with you little people.  Kidding!  Know that unless you specify otherwise, emails sent in asking for advice may be published here with my answers in Ask Tami.

Comments:  Keep this quote from Tim Fargo in mind… “Don’t exercise your freedom of speech until you have exercised your freedom of thought.”  While I want this to be a place where frustrations can be vented and discussions can be had, excessive profanity and personal attacks will not be tolerated.  Yes, I’ll be moderating comments before they are published – welcome to the dictatorship that is my blog!  So think before you type, or I’ll turn your email address over to my mother.

Response Time: And finally, I have a day job.  One I would very much like to keep.  So comments and emails will be tended to after hours and on my days off. At least until I can teach the cats to read – they already think they know how to type.


A Little Tact, Please

Hey, we all disagree from time to time. But since this is my little universe, I reserve the right to remove comments that are mean-spirited or contain verbal violence. Divorce discussion can get passionate and that’s okay. But let’s keep it classy and help one another instead of hurting each other.