Something Good Must Come From All This


MARCH, 2017

All Things Tami

It’s been just over three years since my divorce became final. During these three years, I have accomplished many things; but most importantly, I completed my book Becoming Unmarried and launched this website.

Why write a book about something so personal as my own divorce?  Because I held onto one thought throughout the entire process:  something good must come from all this.

For nearly twenty three years, I was on an “until death do us part” relationship trajectory.  I had what I thought was an unbreakable marriage with a man I loved unconditionally.  I would come to find out, that man had other plans.

My world turned upside down.  I didn’t think I would make it through the divorce and I wanted nothing to do with a future that didn’t include my husband.

Later, I would learn things that made me think maybe my marriage had broken many years ago. Not smashed to bits by me, but broken still.


“Within several months after he left, we became part of the 50% – the percent of marriages that end in divorce.”

What started out as a journal project while I was in therapy, turned into a book I hope will help others navigate their own divorces. And my blog – to become a divorce survival guide, of sorts.

I’ll include here what I learned as I navigated divorce, and share with you how I’m adjusting to life as a single woman, mistakes and all!

Things looked pretty bleak as I embarked on my journey three years ago; and I reminded of two things my ex-husband told me (often):

  1. I really didn’t need him; and
  2. I would be OK without him.

Never thought I’d say this, but he was right.


A Little Tact, Please

Hey, we all disagree from time to time. But since this is my little universe, I reserve the right to remove comments that are mean-spirited or contain verbal violence. Divorce discussion can get passionate and that’s okay. But let’s keep it classy and help one another instead of hurting each other.