Does Closure Exist?



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“You mean he can just walk away from our marriage and not tell me why?”

This was a question I asked my therapist several times during the initial stages of my divorce. And, I’ll admit, one I still ask a full four years after the entire mess was final. Having to repeatedly ask this question means I never found closure after my 23 year marriage ended.

Closure – for me it was a mythical creature just as elusive Bigfoot, unicorns and mermaids. So elusive in fact, I sometimes questioned its very existence.

“You’ll be better off without me.”

My ex-husband gave no explanation for wanting to end our marriage, unless you count him repeatedly stating, “I’m not happy.” I was supposed to be OK him giving up on us, but I wasn’t. I wanted to know, in detail, why he wasn’t happy. When I would push him for more information or ask him why he thought the only option was divorce, he would respond with, “I’m doing you a favor” or “You’ll be better off without me.”

It’s taken me several years to figure this out, but he was right – on both counts.

Coming to terms with him filing for divorce with what seemed like zero regard for me, didn’t come easy. I was constantly looking for answers where there were none. I was constantly hunting for Closure.

The biggest lesson I had to learn? When it comes to divorce, closure isn’t something you are given – you need to create your own version it. Full resolution of the situation rarely happens. You’ll need to take what you can get when it comes to a sense of finally being free and go with it!

Chapter Eight of my book Becoming Unmarried covers closure in depth and how I was able to track down three of Closure’s companions: Comfort, Peace and Solitude. Once I became comfortable with those three amigos, knowing Closure was probably nearby became good enough for me.

And more importantly, if Hell does indeed freeze over and my ex-husband is given the opportunity to tell me, in detail, why he ended our marriage… I’m not sure I want or need to hear his excuses.

Maybe I have found Closure after all.

Quick – someone put me in touch with the Finding Bigfoot people – in case I’m on a roll when it comes to tracking down mythical creatures!


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